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Don’t settle for anything else but LIFE

Do you see this old man hardly standing on his weary feet that are tired form walking the same road over and again; his hands grasped on a few old books that would almost shatter into valueless pieces, yet they are all his fortune? Wonder how long he’s been waiting in that same spot hoping to sell them in order to settle his nagging hunger? How many condescending looks and mockery has he endured from those who haven’t yet fallen victims to the cruelty of the passing time?

Have you ever seen an old woman sitting on the street next to a pile of cheap merchandise, in silence – challenging the many hard wrinkles of her face that are announcing through all kinds of pains and illnesses that the end is near? She’s not begging from anyone or asking for charity; rather she is proudly snatching what little can help her from suffering her poverty.

How marvelous are God’s creations! This old man with all his burdens, his worries, his incapacity and despair is asking for LIFE. The old woman with her pain, her silent sadness will not settle for less than LIFE. Maybe it’s not life as it should be, but it’s the only life they ever knew; and there they are seeking it with all their power in spite of the whole world’s efforts to kill their desire to do so. Blessed be your name O Lord!! You gave LIFE to Adam; and there it is crying out in the hearts of all his descendants to date. And you my friend, where are you from this struggle? Are you still searching with the road seekers; or have you found your own? Remember that time passes and doesn’t come around.

Remember that life is short however long it may seem. Remember those who were searching before you and those will do so after you – following the same failing ways of the world that are submerged in lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.I beg you not to standby for long because life will slip out of your hands. There it is, near you; in your mouth and in your heart. Don’t look for it outside my dear and don’t run away. To you, LIFE is Christ and there He is waiting for you impatiently.

Don’t be late, don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid; the feast of His Love will fill you like you’ve never been filled before. The bread – his flesh – is a true meal and the wine – his blood – is a true drink, giving eternal life to those who feed on them.Come now and throw yourself into his arms, pour your tears washing away the shame of the years of sin and hate; wiping all your wrong-doings in the crimson spring of His love. The color of God’s love erases all other colors. Come along, and you will have no regrets; you are knocking on Jesus’ door, the greatest healer of hearts and the one and only savior of souls.

If you are, however, one of those who have found what they were looking for in Jesus; I won’t put in front of you anything more than the photo of this couple of old people. I will cry out in your ears with my loudest voice begging the Holly Spirit that you resurrect from the tomb of your fears and the window of your self-centeredness so that you’d be given a LIFE from God. So that you’d take out into the light those who are sitting in the darkness; that you’d open your hands holding the blessings of God to explode into the hungry world so that they and you both be gratified.

So that you’d once and forever reveal the one and only true meaning to LIFE…….. Jesus Christ.

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